Our Beginning

Our sponsoring body,Kalyan Seva Sansthan had a very humble beginning in the initial years of 1990s. Our society came into existence with the motive of improving the health conditions in Bihar, which then was in a very pathetic situation. There were multidimensional reasons for this problem like poverty, illiteracy, unhygienic conditions, lack of hospitals etc. but the foremost cause was the lack of skilled health workers. In a state whose population was equal to Germany, had not even 1% of the health professionals as compared to that. There was an acute shortage of people in Allied health or Paramedical sector. Only few renowned Government Medical Colleges like Patna Medical College & Hospital (PMCH), Darbhanga Medical College and Ranchi Medical College provided courses in Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Medical Lab Technology and Radiography. So, our organization decided to establish a Paramedical college which will nurture the health sector of Bihar. After initial struggle, our hard work paid off and we received students from different corners of India and even from neighbouring countries like Nepal. But the organization didn’t indulge itself completely into education and continued its primary activity i.e. social work in many ways.

Our Activities

(i)Social Work– Our sponsoring body has always played a leading role in social activities. From around two decades, we have been involved in social work in health as well as non-health sector. Some of our important social works has been in :-

  • Free Blood group checking & donation camps

  • Free Hepatitis-B injection camp

  • Many health awareness processions

  • Tree plantation and awareness

  • Women skill development program

  • HIV–AIDS awareness campaign

  • Free Blanket distribution among poor

  • Self–financed orphanage

  • Free Surgical operation program

(ii) Education – After getting recognition from Govt. of Bihar for Paramedical courses, our next achievement was getting permanent recognition from it. Then we proceeded for degree and abridged courses from Magadh University. Along with Paramedical, our institute NIHER (in Patna) also got recognition from Indian Nursing Council for ANM course. After that we applied for GNM & B.Sc. Nursing and we achieved the honour of becoming first B.Sc. Nursing affiliated institute in Bihar. Today our NIHER successfully runs many Certificate, Diploma and Degree courses in Paramedical and Nursing. In initial years of 21st century, when we were active in AIDS awareness campaign in Jamui district, we got a chance to visit a beautiful hill station in it, called Simultala. In Simultala, our organization purchased a plot of 21 acres size called Madhav Villa. Soon that plot got converted into Swami Vivekanand College and Hospital (SVCH). Starting from different kinds of social work in the backward locality, we started a BPL Hospital. Then we got recognition from Govt. of Bihar for running Paramedical courses there. After that, we also got recognition from Indian Nursing Council for conducting ANM and GNM courses. Then we applied for pharmacy institute and PCI recognized us. In 2014, Bihar Intermediate Council recognized us for conducting higher secondary courses in all streams like Arts, Commerce & Science.

Our Lands


(i) Murtaziganj (Patna) :- It’s the oldest property of our organization. It’s a land plot of area around 14 katthas. It’s located near railway track between Patna Sahib and Gulzarbagh.

(ii) IDH Colony (Patna) :-It’s an area where our institute NIHER is located. It’s an area of around 9 katthas where our two huge buildings; one 6 storied and one 4 storied has been constructed. The nearby locations have been acquired by NMCH hospital for a national level Paramedical College spread in many acres.

(iii) Fatehpur (Patna) : -It’s a plot of 14 katthas on roadside in Patna-Gaya road. The road is becoming 4-lane and a new four lane is crossing this road nearby. Very soon this is going to be an integral part of Greater Patna. Till then, the organization is planning to lease it for any warehouse which would be an additional source of revenue.


(iv) Madhav Villa (Simultala) :-Madhav Villa is a huge plot of 21 acres located on the Chakai road in Simultala. It’s around a half mile away from Simultala station. Today this plot has become “Swami Vivekanand Knowledge Park” and holds the huge campus of our college SVCH. This is the site for our proposed private university. The campus contains many herbal, floral and horticultural plants & trees; pond for pisciculture, cows for milk production etc. which provide an additional source of revenue to the organization. Revenue from these sources is enough to pay non–teaching staffs of SVCH for a year.

(v) Gyan Kothi (Simultala) :–Gyan Kothi is a plot of around 4 acres located in a prime location of Simultala, near station as well as near Simultala Awasiya Vidyalaya. It also possesses many natural resources like Madhav Villa.

(vi) A plot near Chakai (Simultala) :-Our organization also possesses a huge plot of 30 acres in a nearby region. Although this is far from Simultala but still it could be utilized for its purpose.

(vii) Minor properties :- We possess two minor Kothis in Simultala whose names are Govinder lodge and Nandan Villa respectively. Govinder lodge is a plot located in market region. Nandan Villa is located nearby, in the link road.